Why we should avoid gambling

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With sports betting on the rise, can we avoid a tsunami of

Approximately 10 million people in the United States live with a gambling addiction problem. ... “You have to do the work in all areas of your recovery, including your finances. I chose to not do all the work necessary for a well-rounded recovery. Gambling Addiction - SMART Recovery Managing Problems – We frequently turn to our addictive behaviors (like gambling addiction) to either escape from or avoid addressing problems. SMART helps ... How the Brain Gets Addicted to Gambling - Scientific American Addictive drugs and gambling rewire neural circuits in similar ways ... as more of a compulsion than an addiction—a behavior primarily motivated by the need to ... already changed the way psychiatrists help people who cannot stop gambling. Responsible Gambling - Tips For Staying in Control

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... to stop or just want to control your gambling better. Many people just want to control their gambling, ... Gambling Addiction - Signs, Symptoms & Treatment for Problem ...

When you really *want* to stop gambling, you *will*. And until ... What should I do? ... How do you cure someone with a gambling addiction?

BBC - Future - Why gamblers get high even when they lose Jul 21, 2016 · Why gamblers get high even when they lose You might think gambling is all about winning, but a range of studies show that things just aren’t that simple. Why do gamblers, even unsuccessful ones With sports betting on the rise, can we avoid a tsunami of Aug 19, 2015 · With sports betting on the rise, can we avoid a tsunami of gambling harm? which explains why we’re the world’s biggest gamblers. ... We need to take the same approach to gambling…

What is My Role as a Parent to Prevent a Gambling Problem?

Consistently betting parlays will cause wild fluctuations of your bankroll, which is why most professional bettors tend to avoid them. We constantly preach betting against the public, and fading teams that are receiving overwhelming support on parlays is a sure sign of “square” action. Why Gamble Online - 4 Strong Advantages of Online Gambling