Confessions of a roulette dealer

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As a dealer at a casino, I deal a couple thousand hands of blackjack every week. This does not make me a good blackjack player. A good blackjack player plays hundreds of hands of blackjack a week; I observe several common pitfalls that the "average" or "bad" blackjack player makes. This article is designed with…

Working as a Roulette Dealer - Every Way to Make Money There were several things I liked about being a roulette dealer, but I'll start with what I call the "gaming atmosphere" as it compares with the other major table games. On the craps table it is chaotic and exciting. You have to place bets even as the dice are being thrown. Confessions of a Beginning Roulette Player - John Grochowski Roulette chips have no value at the cashier's cage. The same color will be used several times in the same day, and may have a different value each time. The cashier has no way of knowing what that color was worth when you were playing. Players must exchange roulette chips for casino chips before leaving the table. Confessions of a Blackjack Dealer | Meghan Smith Craps is a fast-moving, high risk game and tends to draw a large, clique-ish crowd, mostly men. Roulette tables tend to attract more women and isn't as social as the other games. There isn't a collective goal in roulette like hoping the dealer busts (blackjack) or the point passes (craps). Poker is every man for himself. Confessions Of A Rookie Croupier #2: TCP and CCTV - Sabotage ...

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Roulette Dealing Tips & Tricks | Casino Parties Roulette was introduced in France and the word ‘Roulette’ translates to ‘little wheel’. Learning to become a Roulette dealer (or Croupier) for iHostPoker or for any live casino is a matter of understanding the different bets, procedures, and payouts.

As with most casinos, roulette and blackjack, and to a lesser extent three-card poker, were the bread and butter. The card-room was more or less a self-contained economy. All the money from the tournament poker went into the prize-pot, so the only money that went into the pockets of the casino were

Confessions of a Used-Car Dealer: 6 Myths About My Job Confessions of a Used-Car Dealer: 6 Myths About My Job ... This is why dealers and manufacturers invest billions into the look of their dealerships and also why large used car retailers rarely ... Confessions of a Dope Dealer by Sheldon Norberg Confessions of a Dope Dealer provides an eye-opening, no-holds-barr A scholarship-winning student, he dropped out of UCLA in favor of the overpowering lure of the Grateful Dead and counterculture living.

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5 Confessions About Working In A Casino As A Dealer Casino dealers work in shifts and night shifts are the busiest hours. Most dealers choose this job because it pays the bill, not because they enjoy playing the game. Our shifts can be from 7 am to 3pm or 11 am to 7 am. Most of us don’t really bother to dress up and look hot while we are working. Roulette Neighbours Strategy ‒ Roulette System: Confession of ... Roulette System: Confession of the Roulette Dealer on Dealers Signature - Casino-Gambling. By the way, the common subject that gets discussed here neighbours regression neighbours mean. The thing that i pointed was regression roulette which is completely different subject. We can agree to neighbours.